Message from Nissan Chemical Industries

Mr. Kazunori Kamio

Mr. Kazunori Kamio

General Manager – Nissan Chemical Industries, Japan

We all at Nissan Chemical Industries, Japan, are very pleased to partner with Trapa Co., Ltd., to introduce Nissan Reishi to our Thai friends and families.

I have joined Nissan Chemical Industries in early 1976, and have been with the company for the past 36 years. Our research and development team has been around for over 30 years, so I can say that I have been a part of Nissan Reishi since the beginning of this product development.

Personally, my wife, my family, and I have been the long-term users of Nissan Reishi over decades. My life routine is to take the product 2 tablets in the morning and another 2 tablets in the evening. Based on my family, friends, customers, and my own experience, Nissan Reishi has provided great benefits to our heaths. As time goes by, I have more confidence about the supreme quality of this product and very proud to be a part of the Nissan Reishi’s family.

Traditionally, Nissan Reishi was known among the tradition and alternative medicines. However, through the words of mouth and the recommendations through doctors, all groups and age range are now using the product. Today, in modern medicine practice, the doctors also use Nissan Reishi together with the curing process for the patients. Nissan Reishi is not made only for the people with health conditions. People that have normal heaths, that want to prolong and maintain their heaths, are also using the product as well.

Nissan team has extremely strict policies in every step of the production process, from growing the red Reishi (Ling Zhi) until packaging. Even the wooden block that we use grow Reishi; we only accept the highest quality, perfect condition, full-log of the oak tree from Hokkaido.

Our production process is the perfect combination between the traditional methods with the modern technology (Water Extraction Process). We assure that every sealed box of our product is of supreme quality when it reaches our customers’ hands. Nissan Reishi product is produced and packed in Japan 100%.

Reishi takes over a year to grow. It is organic. Our process is aimed to replicate the natural growing environment of the Reishi, close to perfection. Even all of the weeds are being pulled manually, by the hands of our Nissan staffs.

We produce Nissan Reishi for families and friends, so safety is our number 1 priority. We assure that safety assurance is carried out with strict guidelines and inspection along every step of the production process.

We would like to thank you our Thai friends and families for the warm welcoming of the Nissan Reishi introduction in Thailand. We hope to be a part of the Thai healthy families into the future.


Kazunori Kamio

February 2013